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Final plug for the night - Stream or Buy My Album

Anyone who hasn't yet had a chance to hear my album - pls feel free to listen n stream on spotify n then purchase on itunes (cheeky but hey its only 79 pence a track n they'll bring you a smile n sum positivity) x

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | Video on

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MY ALBUM WAS BORN AT 2.50am on Tuesday 21st December

My Album was born at 2.50am on Tuesday 21st December 2010 ♥
at Strongrooms Studios delivered by Duncan Mills

It will be named

"My Little Tree"

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to every one for your support and encouragement in helping to make this dream of mine come true!!


Hey guys, sorry you haven't heard from me for so long!
Anyway somehow my music video managed to leak onto youtube and has already been sent around by a few bloggers including Bighappyvideo ad Londonnet. So i thought that it was time to reveal it to you even though the music is still in production.

So here it is for you.

Just so you know Kevin and I have recorded our vocals and the mix is soon to happen so feel priveleged to be seeing this now ;)

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to KEVIN MARK TRAIL who wrote this with me. We united one morning and I Choose Life was born.

Also a big thank you to Ladybird Productions for making this video.

Also a big thank you to Romain Kedochim, my love, who took some amazing photos on the day of the shoot - these will be up on my blog and his soon. (

Also for my parents who are my biggest fans. They've have been behind me every step of the way, and they are the reason I ever sang..It was a great inspiration to be born into a singing family who sing round the table every Friday Night and who all have such beautiful voices.

Well here is the video. I hope you like it! Please add your comments on the clip, rate it and favourite it if you like it ;)

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