Hey guys, sorry you haven't heard from me for so long!
Anyway somehow my music video managed to leak onto youtube and has already been sent around by a few bloggers including Bighappyvideo ad Londonnet. So i thought that it was time to reveal it to you even though the music is still in production.

So here it is for you.

Just so you know Kevin and I have recorded our vocals and the mix is soon to happen so feel priveleged to be seeing this now ;)

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to KEVIN MARK TRAIL who wrote this with me. We united one morning and I Choose Life was born.

Also a big thank you to Ladybird Productions for making this video.

Also a big thank you to Romain Kedochim, my love, who took some amazing photos on the day of the shoot - these will be up on my blog and his soon. (http://www.romainkedochim.com/blog)

Also for my parents who are my biggest fans. They've have been behind me every step of the way, and they are the reason I ever sang..It was a great inspiration to be born into a singing family who sing round the table every Friday Night and who all have such beautiful voices.

Well here is the video. I hope you like it! Please add your comments on the clip, rate it and favourite it if you like it ;)


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