The Making Of My Debut Album - Part 1

Its now been 2 months since I found out I was the winner of All Genres 9 Showcase on securing £15k to record and release my debut album.

The adventure has begun .... wooohoooo.

I've been blessed with this opportunity and am excited to make this a fulfilling and meaningful journey. Another blessing is having the most incredibly supportive family and friends surrounding me and really believing in me and my music.
- My Mum and Dad have been spreading my music around to friends, family and the community like wild fire and sharing their wisdoms and knowledge .
- Mon Coeur, my darling, my soulmate - Roma', has been there by my side throughout! Inspiring me with every step and standing by, supporting my choices, and he has been the power behind my commitment to focus and see clearly the road ahead.

Then there have been people whom have been a part of my musical journey (co-writing, jamming, accompanying me)
Ofer Shabi
Jonny Moseson
Rachel Huggins
Danny Burne
Kofi Kari Kari
Seffi Carmel
Quentin Collins
Kassia Zermon (Bunty)
Danny Lagwa (Belini)
Omer Marantz
Guy Landao
(I'll write about them in a seperate post)
Multi instrumentalist, Yair Schleider and I decided 5 months ago to work together at pre producing my songs. Finally the chance had come, to collaborate with a musical genious to work on my songs and ideas in his home studio. It was in fact 1 month after we had worked on 4 tracks that I decided to submit 2 into the slicethepie showcase - "Flowers Floating" and "Anything".

Many of these people along the way have weaved in and out of my life, given me messages and advice and sharing their experiences with me to guide me...

Kwame Kwaten - ATC Manager, Member of D-Influence and a close friend to Roma' and I.
We met back in my Sony days too and reconnected a few years ago. He is acting as a Music Consultant on this project - making sure that I don't fall down and ruin this opportunity. He has helped me plan and structure the project and set up meetings with producers for me to meet:
Jonathan Quarmby (Bacon & Quarmby @ Raks Studios)
(Produced Finley Quaye, Oi Va Voi, Yasmin Levy to name a few)
Colin Emmanuel (C Swing)
(Produced Estelle, Beverly Knight, Jamelia to name a few)

Evan Krauss -
A Music Attorney from New York City - crossed paths back in 2000 at the 10 Rooms Monday Night Jam. On my 1st trip out to NYC we fell into writing the song "Lessons Of The Air" in a spontaneous jam at his high rise office overlooking Manhatten. Evan organised a few studio sessions within that week for us to lay down the track whic came back with me to the UK. Lost touch due to busy lifestyles then 8 years later, reconnected by email following news of my success from which point he made time to make sure I get the best deal and best chances to make it happen. Evan put me in touch with various producers:
Chris Robinson (Ruff Diamond)
(Produced Hot Chocolate, Rose Royce, Incognito, Maxi Preist, The Shapeshifters, Corinne Bailey Rae)
Jazzy B (Soul II Soul)
(Produced Wookie, James brown, Fine Young Cannibals, Cheryl Lynn, Alyson Williams)

So far I have also had emails from a number of peopel whom heard about me through my own network and through recommendation.

Brian Michel Bacchus whom signed and A&R'd Norah Jones heard my music and has shown interest in my project. He has given me some great feedback and is putting my music forward to various publishing houses and labels.

Other producers whom I have met through my own contacts include:
Jon Moon (Sensible Studios)
Matt Schwartz (Soho Studios)
Guy Katsav (Soho Studios)
Each and every one of these encounters with such amazingly talented people have been informative, and inspiring making the desicion a really difficult on (By Jan 2009 i'll know !!)

As an artist also on, John Tayson, the Chairman of we7, has also shown interest in helping me and has contributed by connecting me to both Real World (Peter Gabriel's Studios) and Pheonix as two potential studios where I can record the album within my budget. Dave Moore (engineer/producer from Pheonix) has also shown interest in taking on this project adn has dedicated some time to put a demo together of "I Can't Get You", one of my chosen songs for album.

With £15k to work with for both recording and marketing I will need to choose the producer and sources of marketing extremely carfeully to ensure they fit the budget.

There have been more exciting connections I have made for the marketing aspect to this project but this I will tell you about later.


Layla said...

Woohoo!! Great to hear!! This is all really exciting to read about!! :))

Sandra said...

flowers floating gives me goose pimples - fabulous.
carry on with your beautiful voice giving pleasure to all,


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