New Version of "Share with Me" up on Reverbnation

Hey guys,

so I was lucky enough to spend new year in a beautiful cottage out in the valleys of Wales..and during that stay got the opportunity to have a few hours free in Redkite Studios situated in the middle of the valleys, at the core of natural beauty!!!!.

With Yair Shleider (Yaya) on Keys and Jonny Moseson (AKA Jones) on guitar and obviously me on the mic we jammed out the song testing out the equipment and feeling the vibes in the studio.

Well with the expertise of Martin Levan (Owner of Redkite and Award Winning Sound Designer) and Andy (the engineer) we marked a moment in the beginning of 2009 with this version of "Share With Me".

Check it out and tell me your thoughts...

Let me know what you think the track needs - I imagine Bass, drums, guitar and brass section oh and BV's. To keep it real, organic and acoustic but with more instrumentation.

Hope to hear from you soon as I am soon to finalise my decision.

Luv and happiness in 2009

Ilana Dancing


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