Meet the Band

So now i'd love to introduce you to some handpicked, inspiring and VERY talented musicians whom I have chosen to play on my debut album...

This is one of our rehearsals at OJ Music Studio (Run by Ofer Shabi - one of my closest friends and ex-flatmates). Situated at 516 Finchley Road in the garage of the house that I used to live in.
This house ("516" as it became known) hold within its walls many many memories and lots of music ;). I lived there for 3 years and held unbelievable jam sessions and crazy parties.. (i'll tell you about that another time). But yeah, inside this inspiring house is the place I wrote many of my songs.

Guitarist and Bassist
Omer Marantz Omer and I met in 2003 when he moved close by. We clicked and wrote many songs together including "My Man", "Me and my Mind".

Keyboardist Yair Schleider (Yaya)
Yaya is the musical genious who helped me structure my songs, recording demos in his little home studio. These include "Flowers Floating", "Anything", "I Refuse to let you go" . It was these demo versions that got me through the showcase on

Kofi Kari Kari
Kofi and I have
known eachother now for over 10 years. Kofi has been there through the years making sure to make me focus on my music and not just my job ;) - He put a band together for me a few years ago and had us rehearse in his apartments. It was with these guys that "Closer I Get" was written.

Drummer Oded Kafri
Kafri and I have only recently met but he is one of the most outstandign drummers to come out of Israel.

**All the photographs were taken by Romain Kedochim.


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