DAY 7 in studio - "Anything" & "Lessons of the air" reworked and my emotional attachment makes it challenging

This was a looooooooooong day for me in the studio and probably the most challenging so far with some crucial decisions to be made on whether to "structure" the song "Anything" or keep it as a flow.

"Crazeeee idea" I thought, in my head, to tamper with this song that I had already reformed 6 months back. Bad idea to retrace the past with this one.

Yeah "Anything" used to be quite different when first co-written with Rachel Huggins 3 1/2 years back in my room with my Mac a in my apartment in North London.

The story is that on one chilled night at h
ome with Roma, he had been playing the chords of the song on guitar and I (as always_ I just pressed record, opening a new Logic file on my Mac and just sang vibing whatever felt natural at the time. The funny thing is that when we listened back we felt really attached to the melody and poetry and in no time we had converted "Anything" into what I would call a "flow of consciousness".

So you can imagine that feeling of attachment when Matt confirmed that we need to give it more of a form and work on reshaping it.(You could hear my thoughts shouting out - "AHHHHHHH", "Noooooo", "seriously?", and then how I approached Matt with my comments: "but its meant to be that wa" "but its like my flow of thought", "that to me is my real train of thought and I don't want to loose that" etc etc....

Well after thought, discussion and time, we decided to give the reshaping of "Anything" a try.. ... .... ... ... ... ... and crazy enough IT WORKS ;) (and of cors will be featured on the forthcoming album).

Here's Matt Foster - my producer.
Great guy with Bold ideas - quite unique for a UK producer NICE!

Not an easy job !


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