DAY 2 Recording at EARTHWORKS and I'm Feelin' Fine .. filled with emotion"

So after lots of searching I decided on Earthworks Studio, a studio that I worked in bout 5 years ago - I actually wrote some of the tracks featuring on my album in this studio years ago when working on a project with Belini (Mr Danny Ladwa)...Its the place where "Refuse to let you go" was written 5 or so years ago. Also the studio where I recorded "Face the Changes" then was inspired to write "Blinded By Morning Rays" with Belini (Danny Ladwa) when I was blinded by the sunlight beaming into my eyes as I opened the studio door 6AM after an all night recording session...

So here we are and it's Day 2 -and Matt's hard at work, focused and working his magic on the bass parts.

Matt, Omer and I start to feel at home here after 24 hours of recording over 2 days !! Its all starting to fell just right - with sweet vibes and and a creative flow in the atmosphere. It's a good space!

So now the most fun part of the album has begun.... with a lock in in the studio for 3 weeks, we are off on our mission to start tracking!

Will be posting some videos and photos each day so stay connected.

Ilana xx


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