News & New Summer Song written with dear friend Kevin Mark Trail

Life is GOOD and the sun is shining, my spirits are high and my creativity is flowing ;)

Its a great feeling when things start to really come together ;) My band members have been heads down, learning the songs...They really are soooo talented and the songs are sounding really great...Its all piecing together day by day.

So the project is moving on smoothly and I've also been taking up some vocal coaching with a guy called Kevin Leo. That's been hard work but all in preparation for recording.

I've also been feeling really inspired and creative lately and got together with one of my closest friends, Kevin, one morning and wrote a new Summer song to be featured on the album. Its really exciting and we really vibed together.

You may have heard of Kevin Mark Trail as he is part of "The Streets" and was signed with EMI in a solo project a few years ago. He's currently working SOLO on his next project called "Homework", where everything is being written, produced and recorded by himself in his bedroom.

I'm really excited for you all to hear the song in which Kevin will feature singing with me on the album, btu will leave it as a suprise ;)

Kevin is a really inspiring artist whom I have learnt a lo from over the years. You should definitely check out his music. You wll love it without questions:


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