As spontaneous As One Can Be...

"Life...what a beautiful gives me joy"

As you probably know my boyfriend Roma' is a photographer, a great one I must add!!!
He freelances with Blues & Soul Magazine amongst other projects in live music, portraiture and weddings.

So sometimes we get a bit creative whilst sitting at home and Roma sets up his gear in the house or outside and we do random photo sessions - taking photos of eachother, of objects, of the moon, you know .. its really fun!

we were home last Wednesday night with another photographer friend of ours - Sylvester Nicholson, whom also shoots with a Canon, and happened to have his equipment with him. After discussing techniques they decided to experiment with their gear and set up in out backyard.

It was a funny night, I was the "model" (lol) and we went nuts for about 2 hours just taking random photos.

These guys are super talented and you should totally follow their


(Its great!! You'll see shots he's taken at the gigs of John Legend, Nas, Akon, Alice Russell, Anthony Hamilton to name a few)


Well I thought after such a laugh it would be nice to share s
ome of the photos that came out of this night. I really hope you like them.


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