AFTER HOURS DAY5 ...Turns to Twilight

After a really funny day with Kofi, Kafri, Roma and Matt I decided to hang out a bit in the studio with Roma' and Avivit and Oded, who had called to say they were popping down. Well, It became more of an all night chill out jam session with Jones and Thalita following suit & arriving an hour later with another guitar and some love. ;)

And we jammed...

...and night lifted its sleepy head slowly , and another memorable story was written.
Walking out of the studio doors left me inspired by the twilight ambience:

"This romantic ambient light, at this time
which some may refer to as l'heure bleue, well, it resonates so sweetly with my mood, reminding me of that Summer Sunrise when I was "Blinded By Morning Rays" and sunlight."

And yeah it did remind me of the day I wrote "Blinded by..." but this time with a twist of that peacefulness whilst everyone else in High Barnet still slept we crept out after a musical night, a little sleepy, home to where our beds await ;)

Sweet dreams and LOVE

Ilana x


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