DAY 5 - KOFI and his percussive life ;)

Its Day 5 in the studio, the day scheduled for Kofi to come in and use his magic percussive hands to add some magic and colour to the tracks. But with Kofi you also get his magnificent pure white cheeky smile and crazy laugh.

This is the great thing about Kofi... there is never a dull moment and he never fails to suprise you with something new. Well this mornings adventure was just getting all his percussion to the studio. And when I talk to you about Kofi's percussion collection - He is no joke. IT IS SERIOUS. I'm telling you my car was loaded up like I was moving house looool, bags and bags and BAGS of various things - drums, (part of a bycicle???), saucepans (yeah you get the picture).

This was a great day and a memorable one with Roma and Kafri hangin' at the studio too it made it a sweet day:)

Catch a bit of Kofi's Set Up here:


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