DAY OFF and its a GLORIOUS Day ;)

Oh what a day what a glorious day

Woke up fairly early feeling the tiredness following nearly 2 full on weeks in the studio.

But all feels good.

Its been doing bits n bobs today from putting on the visiting the doctor, washing, cooking, popping to see Jeff Allen at Sensible Studios, arts and crafts - have been moulding my l'il Fimo Chracters for my Animated Summer festival
FYI FIMO aka Sculpey is a type of plasticine you mould then bake in oven to set
(tell u more bout that one at a latter date ;)

Then we had the pleasure of a visit from Kofi, one of my good friends... he's playin the percussion on the album.

Wow he is one amazing guy! As always we got into deep conversations, lots of laughter, lots of youtubing old skool classic tunes and playin some more tunes through Spotify.

& Roma' got his camera gear set up and took a few photos:


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